My First Call Of Duty

by ThnxCya

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Well I got this game last weekend,called Modern Warfare 3
I said its my first Call Of Duty, am I excited? Totally!

I'm getting pretty good now, I mean i've played the whole campaign! So I guess I think i'm ready for some multiplayer games.

I'd better log on now and see, hope no ones gonna T-Bag me.

But I got sniped To The Face, oh god its Tejbz, Spas - 12 to the back Sandy Ravage attack, and I got knifed by ONLYUSEmeBLADE, buzz killed by Nanners when I thought he missed me, and some guy called Whiteboy called me a gypsy, and I guess that lag was to blame, so I rage quit that game.

Maybe i should buy Spec Ops, or trade it in and buy Black Ops, I've heard about this thing called zombies, but I cant rape train it defies all logic, I even got pro tips from TheSyndicateProject, but I just keep downing on round 3, guess its back to the multiplayer for me.

But there were... Shouts in the lobby, I dont know what it means, but it sounded something like Go On Small Beans, and I still got knifed by blade, FearCrads MOAB'd and it left me hurtin' I even got Oof You Bugger'd by Ken Burton... Rage Quit eject disc im a little bit pissed and this is quite, enough for me now.

Well I guess im just playing this game all wrong so I guess its time for me to move along, so ill go back to playing Pokemon, oh pikachu its been, far too long


released November 1, 2012



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